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What are the benefits of smart lighting?

27 Oct 2020
durch Hoftronic Smart

We all want to feel comfortable in our own homes. We design it completely according to our personal style, taste and preference. We choose the most beautiful and fun furniture in a style we like. But one of the things that play a big role in creating atmosphere in the environment is lighting. With the right lighting you not only ensure that it doesn't have to be dark in the room, but also that those beautiful pieces of furniture stand out well and that it is cosy in the room. And with smart lighting you make it even more personal.

In this article you will read all about the advantages of smart lighting in the home. Are you planning to turn your home into a smart home? Then read on.

Why choose smart lighting?

Smart products are becoming more and more popular. Smart lighting is a big part of that. Maybe you're wondering why? Smart lighting is so popular because it can be fully adjusted to your personal wishes. What can you do with a smart lamp?

  • You set the light colour yourself. You can choose one of the no less than 16 million light colours available. So there is plenty of choice. And a suitable option for everyone's taste, but also for every occasion or activity.
  • You set the colour temperature yourself. In addition to the light colour, you can also adjust the colour temperature. So you can choose a warmer colour temperature, a neutral or a cool colour temperature.
  • Determine the light intensity yourself. You can dim a smart lamp to the desired brightness. You need more light for one activity than for another. If you are sitting at the dining table with your family, it is nice to dim the lamps a little. If you are reading a book in your reading corner, you need more light.
  • Set to timetables. We all remember the time switch. We all remember the time switch we used when you went on holiday. You set a time when the lights turn themselves on and off. With smart lighting this is done via the app on your smartphone. It's a lot more flexible, because you can always adjust it, wherever you are.
  • Create groups. With smart lighting you can create groups and set a certain rule for them. For example, you can create a group for your lighting in the living room. When you come home in the evening, you can turn on all the lights at once at the push of a button.

What are the benefits of smart lighting?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose smart lighting. But do you also know the benefits that come with it? For example, smart lights are not only fun because they can be adjusted to your own wishes, but they also provide safety, comfort and save energy.

Smart lighting ensures safety. Wonder how? Smart lighting is easy to operate from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are and whenever you want. We mentioned earlier that you can set timetables on your smart lights. The example we gave were the old time switches we used when we went on holiday. By having lights on when you're not at home, it seems as if someone is in the house after all. This has a burglary preventive effect. A burglar is not easily tempted to enter a house when the lights are on. With a time schedule on your smart lights you can provide that extra security. You can also switch your lights on and off at any time and anywhere. So if you forgot to switch your lights on in the evening when you left home, you can still do that with the app on your smartphone.

Energy efficiency
Smart lighting is not only energy efficient because it is LED lights. It is also energy efficient because they are dimmable. The smart lights can be set in the light intensity as you wish. This means that the lights will not always be on at 100%. The lower the light intensity, the lower the energy consumption. In this way you also save on energy costs and extend the life of the smart lights. In addition to the dimmability of the smart lights, smart lighting is also energy-efficient because you can switch them on and off wherever you want. If you forget to switch off your lights once, you can easily switch them off via your smartphone. A normal light would be turned on all the time you're not at home and consume energy. A smart light can be turned off immediately. 

We already mentioned that smart lighting can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. This of course contributes to the comfort. You can control all the smart lights in your home from one location. You don't even have to leave your place to do this. Lying on the couch with a cup of tea watching a movie, you can dim your lights to create more cosiness by just grabbing your phone. That makes the smallest things a lot easier.

Transforming a normal light into a smart light

Smart products do not have to be complicated. On the contrary, you simply transform a normal light into a smart one. With smart LED bulbs you can make your home a piece of smart in no time. Do you have a lamp you would like to make smart? Then you take the normal LED bulb out of the fixture and turn in a smart bulb. The smart LED bulbs available at Hoftronic Smart are GU10 bulbs, E27 bulbs and E14 bulbs. These are the most common fittings when it comes to LED bulbs.

Do you want to know which fitting you need? This is easy to recognise when you know the right dimensions. A GU10 spot has two pins, which are 10 mm apart. An E27 bulb has a thread thickness of 27 mm and an E14 bulb has a thread thickness of 14 mm. If you need a thicker thread, then you need an E27 bulb, and a thinner thread an E14 bulb.

GU10 Smart WiFi LED
5.5W Dimmable

E27 Smart WiFi LED Bulb RGBWW WiFi
7 Watt 470lm A60 Dimmable App Compatible

E14 Smart WiFi LED Bulb RGBWW
5.5 Watt 470lm C37 Dimmable App Compatible

E14 Smart WiFi LED Bulb RGBWW
5.5 Watt 470lm P45 Dimmable App Compatible


Smart lighting from Hoftronic Smart

The smart lighting of Hoftronic Smart can be controlled with the Hoftronic Smart App. This can be downloaded for free in the Apple store or Google Play. With the Hoftronic Smart App you can control all the smart home products of Hoftronic Smart. If you want to know what the possibilities are with the app, take a look at our video instructions.

At Hoftronic Smart you will find a wide selection of different types of smart lighting:

So there is a suitable option for every room in your house, and even for your garden. Surely you want to turn your home into a smart home?

Are you interested in buying smart lighting, but do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you further about smart lighting and other smart home products. You can reach us by calling +31 (0) 851304186.

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