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E14 bulb

Enjoy an atmospheric home with the E14 smart LED bulb from Homeylux. With this smart E14 bulb you determine the atmosphere and light output for every room in your house. Do you want a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom and living room, but good lighting in your office or kitchen? Then you can use the E14 smart lamp for all these situations. Easy to adapt to your style, taste and activity. 

Suitable for an E14 fitting

The LED lamp E14 is a smart lamp that fits in any fixture with an E14 fitting. The E14 fitting is a very popular fitting. E14 purely indicates the thickness of the thread. With an E14 fitting lamp this is a diameter of 14 millimeters, so it is a small fitting.

Control your E14 bulb with the Homeylux App

At Homeylux we like to make things as easy as possible for you. That's why all products can be operated from one point: the Homeylux App. Connect all your E14 smart lights to the app, and control them at the same time, or one by one, from the comfort of your couch (click here for the instructions). You can also switch your E14 LED on and off directly via the app, when you're not at home. Forgot to turn off a light when you left home for work? Then you can easily switch it off via the app. There is also the possibility to make use of a time schedule. Set a time schedule for each room, or for each lamp separately.

Operate your E14 light via a smart speaker

Do you use a smart assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa at home? Then you can also connect the E14 LED bulb of Homeylux. Connect the smart E14 bulb via WiFi to your smart assistant, and your lighting can now also be controlled by voice. For example, you can give your smart speaker voice commands to turn off all the lights in the living room, switch on the lights in the bedroom, or dim the smart lamp above the dining table. Everything is possible.

From a normal lightbulb to a smart light

Because an E14 bulb is easy to install in an E14 fitting, you can transform a normal lamp into a smart lamp in no time. With a smart E14 lamp you determine the light intensity, colour temperature and light colour yourself. You can adjust them completely to your preference. When you are sitting at the dining table with friends and family, your lighting provides atmospheric lighting with a warm colour temperature and dimmed light. If you have to work at home for a day, you can use your lighting to provide good lighting with a light output at a neutral white or daylight white colour temperature. You also make sure that the light intensity is higher, so that you have good working lighting. With the smart E14 it is all possible.

Alternatives to the E14 smart lamp

At Homeylux you will find next to the E14 LED lamp a variety of smart lighting. Depending on the fixture you decide which LED lamp you need. Take a look at the smart GU10 spot, which is especially suitable as recessed lighting. Or take a look at the E27 lamp. This lamp has a similar thread as the E14 lamp, but is thicker. You can easily turn the lamp in the fixture just like the E14.

Of course you can also choose to buy a smart switch for your normal LED lighting. In this way you turn a normal lamp into a smart lamp. Smart plugs and smart switches can be found in the Homeylux assortment.

Want to purchase the E14?

Are you interested in buying the E14 lamp, but do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service. Call +31 (0) 851304186 or send an email to [email protected]. Our product specialists will be happy to help you.