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2 Nov 2020
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Welcome to Homeylux! The expert in smart home products. With us you will find everything to make your home smarter: from smart lighting, a smart household and smart securing your environment, to smart heating and smart cooling. At Homeylux we provide convenience, comfort, entertainment and safety, for in and around your home. Adapt everything to your taste or preference, and to the activity. Turn your house into a home!

Homeylux products

Every day we want to make the daily things easier for people like you. What used to sound like something from far away in the future, is now almost indispensable. Controlling all the devices in your home from one point, from the comfort of your couch: That's luxury! With Homeylux, you use the convenient Homeylux App, which allows you to turn your lights on and off at set times, switch on your radio from your chair, and turn on the coffee maker in the kitchen from your bed. Nothing is too crazy.

Choose Homeylux

Unlike other smart home brands, Homeylux products do not need a bridge to function. This means that the devices can be paired directly to the Homeylux App, and they can be used instantly. You can also add as many smart devices as you want to the app. There is no limit to this!

Why create a smart home?

Convenience - The biggest reason why you choose a smarter house is convenience. It simply makes your life a lot easier. Set your devices to your preferences, and you no longer have to look at them anymore. Using your smartphone or voice control, you can control all the smart devices without having to leave your seat. So you don't have to leave the table during a fun dinner to turn on the radio, or pause the movie to dim the lights in the room.

Security - A smart home makes for a safer home. When you're away from home, you can make it look like you're at home anyway, by turning on your lights directly via your smartphone or by using the time schedules. At Homeylux you will also find smart IP cameras with which you can always keep an eye on what's going on in your surroundings. Smart devices such as smart smoke detectors or doorbells with cameras are also all aimed at smartly securing your home.

Saving energy - Making your home smarter reduces energy consumption. By heating your home intelligently, for example, you no longer use any unnecessary energy. Or set your garden light so that they automatically go out when it becomes light again.

Atmosphere - Of course, creating an atmosphere is a big reason why you choose a smart home. With the lighting you can determine the light intensity, colours and colour temperature. This way you can adjust the atmosphere to the occasion. Want to play some music? Easily connect all the speakers in your house to your control units, so it can be a party in every room.

Need advice?

Of course we want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a smart home. Our products are easy to install and connect to your desired control devices. Do you still experience difficulties or do you have general questions about the Homeylux products? Then our product specialists are ready to give you tips, answer your questions and give you further advice. For questions, call +31 (0) 851304186 or send an email to [email protected].

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